Whether you want to attract students, raise awareness, reinforce brand values, influence opinion formers, engage with business, motivate donors, recruit staff or keep alumni informed, our creative team will come up with the solution. We believe in relevant creativity that delivers the key messages to your target audience and motivates them to respond appropriately. Our job is to help you to tell the story.


Have a second? Not really. In the blink of an eye, your target is moving on to the next ad, the next channel, the next station. So you better grab ‘em while you can and get your message out. And for creative that does just that, there’s no better agency than SchoolBrand. With concepts that break the mold, we create dynamite ads that break through the clutter and get your message out and bring results in.

With limited budgets it is essential to prioritize any advertising activity. Simply taking space in ‘directory-like’ education features is not sufficient in today’s competitive market. It tends to be expensive and worse still not very

efficient. SchoolBrand works closely with schools to establish a clear strategy to meet key marketing objectives cost efficiently.

Using our creative services, a growing number of schools are seeing the benefits of well structured advertising activity. With our professional and experienced creative team we are able to create advertising that really stands out from the crowd, communicating a consistent ‘public’ face, and helping to inform and influence the growing number of ‘first time ‘buyers.

SchoolBrand has works with relevant media partners to build effective, custom

designed media plans to communicate to both students and parents. These include a range of on-line and off-line media such as social media advertising, transport and bill board posters, demographically targeted door drops and radio advertising. Search engine optimization is also an important part of any marketing campaign and our agency offers both pay per click and organic SEO packages to suit your requirements.

Together with our media partners, we are able to offer an outstanding planning and buying service, and our joint experience means that we successfully are able to provide informed advice that can make a real difference.


In today’s business climate and fierce competition, an effective recruitment advertising strategy is no longer an option – it’s a requirement most schools must give serious consideration to.

At SchoolBrand we provide a one-stop service for all your TIE and ISS recruitment advertising.

We will streamline the process of placing recruitment ads and increase your recruitment potential by creating vibrant ads that stand out.

Employer Branding
Employer Branding isn’t about your ad designs. It’s about the kind of organisation you’re perceived to be.

Specifically, it’s about your reputation as an employer and how you communicate with, and treat, your people. We can help you develop and build a strong employer brand that touches on every aspect of your institutional and employee relationship.


We are SchoolBrand, a young, dynamic organization and recognized leader in education marketing. We bring over 20 years of corporate experience to the world of education. Our expertise is in telling compelling stories that people want to become part of. It's our job to create a recognizable tone of voice that sets you apart in a crowded marketplace and keeps you front of mind at the point of decision.


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